The Collaborative Process


Collaborative divorce is creative and supportive approach that considers the needs and interests of both spouses in a marriage dissolution or legal separation. We do not promise a conflict free divorce, but the collaborative approach will effectively and supportively manage conflict. 


You’ll develop your best path with the support and advocacy from the professionals you need so your entire transition is as smooth, clear and drama-free as possible.


As you work in this process, you’ll consider the choices you and your spouse create. The agreements you make are your own. The best solution for you and your post-divorce family will reduce future conflict and support each member to thrive.

Resolution & Support

This non-adversarial process supports a long term resolution where each client moves forward with the support they want, need and deserve. Parents are supported to minimize the emotional impact of family changes on the children.

Reduced Fee Program

King County Collaborative Law has a sliding-scale reduced fee program.  This means that clients with limited means may still be able to pay for Collaborative professional services — attorneys, financial professionals, coaches, and child specialists.  If you and your spouse earn a combined income of less than $124,000, and if you also have limited assets, you may qualify for this program. 


  • Family Law Attorneys
  • Civil Law Attorneys
  • Coaches
  • Child Specialists
  • Therapists
  • Financial Specialists
  • Mediators
  • Financial Planners
  • Mortgage Brokers

Frequently Asked Questions


There’s a better way for your family to move forward. Discover more about Collaborative Law for divorce, legal separation or parenting plans.

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