Elaine Chan

Financial Specialist, Financial Planner


  • (425) 954-3673

  • infofioh@gmail.com

  • https://www.fiohinvestments.com/



6824 19th St W # 234

University Place, Washington 98466

When you are single, your financial needs are often very different than when you are married. Do not neglect the long-term financial planning and management after a divorce. Elaine takes a global perspective in her portfolio management and strategic planning. She believes that her clients deserve her time and perseverance and has been known for going above and beyond her clients expectations. Her strength in being empathetic to her clients has lead her to assist divorced and divorcing clients in finding resolutions to the financial impact of such a life changing event. Elaine is committed to helping her clients take hold of their financial future in their own hands. Please check her website for contact information.


Accredited Investment Fiduciary, AIF, Certified Financial Planner, CFP; C; Masters and PhD in Economics from Cornell University