Paul McVicker


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Seattle Law and Mediation.

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Paul is particularly interested in inclusion of the child's voice in mediation and Collaborative Law. He has advanced mediation training in Child Centered and Child Inclusive Mediation, including training programs by Yasenik-Graham and McIntosh. His experience as a family law attorney and mediator and a former guardian ad litem, child's attorney and child's representative in Cook County, Illinois, 1993-2004, give him experience in interviewing and including children in the process. He also has advanced ABA International Family Law Mediation training.


J.D. Illiinois Institute of Technology - Chicago Kent College of Law, 1977.
AFM Family Law Mediation Certification - Aurora University School of Social Work, 2000.
Family Law Mediation Program Panel - District Court of DuPage County, IL, Sara Bonkowski, Ph.D., Director,
Family Law Modifications Mediation Panel, District Court of Kane County, IL.
Specialized GAL training, Cook County, IL 1993-2000, KCBA Tiltle 26 Family Law Guardian ad Litem Training
Specialized training in screening for domestic violence, psychological and cognitive disorders - Chair 2007 Seminar: Screening for Impairments.
Member Hague Convention Attorney's network, Office of Children's Issues, U.S. Department of State litigation and mediation.
Child-Centered Mediation training, Lorri Yasenik and Jon Graham. Child Inclusive Mediation, Jennifer McIntosh.
Restorative Circles training.