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Sara K. Wahl Attorney at Law PLLC

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I am interested in helping families through one of the most difficult experiences they may have and to help minimize the impact of their divorce. I see preserving the relationships they have moving forward, for the benefit of their children and themselves, as paramount. As a child of a divorce myself, I deeply care about helping people restructure their families in a kind and caring way, while at the same time creating agreements that work for both parties. I believe people are better at creating agreements that work best for their unique family, not having a judge do so.


JD 1999 Seattle University KCBA Trustee KCCL Board Member KCCL Membership Chair CPW Board Member KCBA South King County President KCBA Collaborative Law Section Chair KCBA Collaborative Law Section and Family Law Section. IACP Member KCBA Family Law Clinic- Volunteer Family Law Facilitator-Volunteer