Carol Betts

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Carol D. Betts Family Law & Mediation PLLC

4010 Lake Washington Blvd NE, Suite 202

Kirkland, Washington 98033

Carol D. Betts Family Law & Mediation PLLC is located near the junction of Bellevue, Kirkland and the 520 Bridge. Carol works with people who want to resolve conflict through communication and negotiation using Collaborative Process or Mediation. They want to avoid court intervention in their decision making. People who are willing to listen to a range of perspectives with respect and curiosity will find solutions that fit their unique situation. The processes used consider relationships, values, needs and interests when crafting agreements. Carol works with people entering committed relationships as well as those who are leaving them. She also works with co-parents learning to navigate the challenges of parenting in two homes. Carol brings the perspective of life experience as a divorced parent as well as 20 years of family law legal experience to her practice.