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Financial Specialist, Mortgage Broker


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A successful divorce includes making sure our divorcing clients have safe and affordable dwellings they can call home during the next chapter of their lives. Due to my background as an attorney, I am well versed in the intersection of family law, tax law, financial planning and advanced mortgage lending programs that are only available to clients during the divorce process, and I can help divorcing clients achieve their home ownership goals.

Divorce mortgage planning works most efficiently during the divorce process, and not after the divorce is final. First, I help divorcing clients identify their home ownership goals. I then provide a report for their attorneys and their divorce team, where I identify the specific financial metrics the client has to meet to qualify for a mortgage, as well as the necessary wording needed in the property settlement agreement, or identify other important details or pitfalls that should be avoided.

I am a financial neutral, and although I am a licensed attorney, I do not provide legal, tax, or financial advice. I work with those professionals to make sure the clients have a strong team looking out for their best interests.

Lastly, there is no charge for any of my divorce planning services.


Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP), NMLS​ 1956030|2298394
Attorney, WSBA 51638, admitted in 2017; CA Bar 252601, admitted in 2007