Basic skills for a Collaborative Practitioner are learned in Mediation training and introductory Collaborative skills training.  Mediation trainings are offered by Dispute Resolution Centers in King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties as well as other places.  Basic skills are only the start; there are many excellent training opportunities to help you expand and hone your skills.  Watch for announcements and check our calendar.

Basic Collaborative skills training is offered by faculty who meet IACP Standards for Trainers.

Collaborative Skills Training:

Mediation Training:

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Scholarship for Collaborative Law Basic Training

Description: King County Collaborative Law (KCCL), through its Membership Committee, offers one $300 scholarship per year towards the cost of a Collaborative Law basic training that meets KCCL’s membership standards [LINK TO For Professionals/Membership/Requirements page].

Benefits: In addition to the financial benefit of the scholarship award, the award recipient receives a one-year membership to KCCL at the “Friends of KCCL” level at no cost to the award recipient. Through that membership, the award recipient can learn of additional training opportunities and of opportunities to meet members of the KCCL community, all of which will help the award recipient meet the requirements of becoming a new member of KCCL. Receiving the training helps the scholarship award recipient to connect with our vibrant Collaborative Law community and to establish a Collaborative Law practice with our members.

Eligibility: The applicant must:

  • Attend the training within one year of receiving the scholarship award (see all training requirements above)
  • Be willing to join KCCL after completing all new membership requirements
  • Be income eligible, which is at or below the most recently posted King County Median income
  • Not have previously undergone the Collaborative Law Basic Training; and
  • Be interested in becoming a Collaboratively trained professional and in engaging in Collaborative Law work.

Timelines: The applicant must submit her or his application to the Chair of the KCCL Membership Committee at least two months before the Collaborative Law basic training she or he intends to attend (see training requirements above).

Application Process: