We’d love to have you join us! King County Collaborative Law is an organization devoted to supporting high standards for practicing Collaborative Professionals. Please review the membership requirements below before starting your application process.

New Members


(or $130/year if a member of KCBA CL Section)

Please see our Collaborative Law Basic Training scholarship page for information on scholarships.

Don’t Meet the Membership Requirements

Please see our Collaborative Law Basic Training scholarship page for information on scholarships.

Become a Friend of KCCL

Interested in Emeritus Status

Former members can register for emeritus status if they meet the following criteria:

  • KCCL member for 10 years or more
  • Retired as a Collaborative practitioner
  • Is not using the website to solicit professional referrals

Those with emeritus status have access to members only information and receive member discounts for training. There is no cost for emeritus status.

Register for Emeritus Status

Renewing Members


(or $130/year if a member of KCBA CL Section)

  • Must be a Member of IACP or plan to become a member within the next 7 days
  • Commit to and comply with the IACP minimum ethical standards and IACP Standards for Collaborative Practitioners
  • Must carry professional liability insurance
  • Every two years, complete 6 hours of continuing education, which may include presenting or attending training, in Collaborative Law, alternate dispute resolution, and/or peacemaking. Members are encouraged to dedicate 2 of those hours to the topic of domestic violence
  • Every three years, engage in a minimum of 3 hours of interactive cross-discipline training



  • IACP Training


  • Dispute Resolution Center of King County
  • Volunteers of America Western Washington – Everett

Scholarship for Collaborative Law Basic Training

King County Collaborative Law (KCCL), through its Membership Committee, offers one $300 scholarship per year towards the cost of a Collaborative Law basic training that meets KCCL’s membership standards.


In addition to the financial benefit of the scholarship award, the award recipient receives a one-year membership to KCCL at the “Friends of KCCL” level at no cost to the award recipient. Through that membership, the award recipient can learn of additional training opportunities and of opportunities to meet members of the KCCL community, all of which will help the award recipient meet the requirements of becoming a new member of KCCL. Receiving the training helps the scholarship award recipient to connect with our vibrant Collaborative Law community and to establish a Collaborative Law practice with our members.


The application must:

  • Attend the training within one year of receiving the scholarship award (see all training requirements above)
  • Be willing to join KCCL after completing all new membership requirements
  • Be income eligible, which is at or below the most recently posted King County Median income
  • Not have previously undergone the Collaborative Law Basic Training; and
  • Be interested in becoming a Collaboratively trained professional and in engaging in Collaborative Law work.


The applicant must submit her or his application to the Chair of the KCCL Membership Committee at least two months before the Collaborative Law basic training she or he intends to attend (see training requirements above).

Application Process

The application must:

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re interested in joining King County Collaborative Professionals but have questions about membership, check out these FAQs. If you don’t see your question answered here, contact us.

Do I have to join IACP before or after joining KCCL?

If I join IACP before joining KCCL, how do I get the discounted membership?

What is a Practice Group?

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