King County Collaborative Law has a sliding-scale reduced fee program. This means that clients with limited means may still be able to pay for Collaborative professional services — attorneys, financial professionals, coaches, and child specialists. If you and your spouse earn a combined income of less than $124,000, and if you also have limited assets, you may qualify for this program.

Contact us for more information or fill out the eligibility questionnaire below. You will be asked about your income and your assets, including your home if you own it, your retirement accounts if any, and your bank and investment accounts. Your responses to this questionnaire will be confidential and will be used only to determine your eligibility for the program. If you are eligible, you and your spouse will be put in touch with lawyers who are members of KCCL who will talk with you to assess whether a Collaborative divorce is a good fit for you. If it looks like it is, then the next step will be an initial one-hour meeting on Zoom or in person with the two lawyers, who will explain more fully the rules of the process and how it will go. That information will also be in a Collaborative Law Participation Agreement that must be signed by both parties and all professionals before the process can begin. During or immediately after this first meeting, you will be put in touch with the financial analyst and divorce/co-parenting coach, if those team members will be joining your case.

The Collaborative professionals who participate in this program commit to devoting significant time to helping you resolve the issues in your case at hourly rates that may be significantly less than what they usually charge, depending on your income level. For example, divorcing spouses who earn a total of $75,000 per year will pay $100 per hour for each professional on the Collaborative team. This means that even a complicated divorce that requires 80 hours of professional time will cost $8,000, compared to $28,000 or more for a full-fee case. A less complicated divorce will be less expensive. Your professional team will discuss with you how you can help keep your costs low.

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