Kristin Little

Kristin Little

Firm/Business Kristin Little Counseling

Profession Child Specialist


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Phone Number (206) 295-8673

Practice Description Bringing forth the voice of the child has been the center of my work for 25 years as a mental health counselor. Experienced in the collaborative divorce process, my role as a child specialist is to convey to parents and/or their collaborative divorce team, the unique experience and needs of their children and suggest practices that increase the resilience of the family as a whole. The goal of my work is to support parents in building a cooperative parenting relationship and creating a child-centered parenting schedule that fulfills the future vision they hold for their family. I practice in the greater Seattle/Eastside area with an office in the Evergreen Clinic in Kirkland as well as in downtown Seattle. Please see for information on locations and scheduling. Telehealth appointments are offered.

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