The collaborative divorce process gives couples the opportunity to confidentially create their own customized divorce, focusing on protecting their families and preserving their resources and assets through solutions-oriented interest-based negotiation.  Simply by becoming a member of King County Collaborative Law, a collaborative professional makes a statement of their strong commitment to and support of the collaborative process.  Members of King County Collaborative Law may further distinguish themselves by seeking one of the two following designations: Credentialed Collaborative Professional or Master Credentialed Collaborative Professional.  All collaborative professionals who have earned one of these designations have been thoroughly reviewed and found to meet stringent criteria.

Credentialed Collaborative Professional

To be recognized as “Credentialed,” a collaborative professional must have satisfied specific standards of education and training, demonstrated substantial case experience, and must have passed a confidential peer reference process.

Master Credentialed Collaborative Professional

KCCL Master Credentialed

To be recognized as “Master Credentialed,” a collaborative professional must have met all of the requirements to be Credentialed and must have significant additional case experience, as well as provided notable leadership and service to the collaborative community.

The Credentialed and Master Credentialed designations are a mark of excellence and a distinguishing accomplishment.  It is the goal of King County Collaborative Law that all of its members will become Credentialed or Master Credentialed Collaborative Professionals once they have successfully met the credentialing standards that have been established.