KCCL Board

Our Mission Building Our KCCL Community

KCCL’s Bylaws provide that its affairs and business are managed by the Board of Directors, which acts as its governing body and sets policy. Since 2009 the directors have been elected by the membership for three-year terms. They are here to serve you – feel free to contact any of them.

The Board generally meets every third Thursday of the month, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. All KCCL members are welcome to attend. Check the Calendar for details. You should also contact the Secretary to confirm the date, time and location if you plan on attending.


Joe Shaub President

Maryann Nelson Treasurer

Gwen Mathewson Vide President

Rachel Felbeck Secretary

Leslie Blankman

Dominik Musafia

Timothy Peterson

Elise Buie

Gene Oliver

Alexis Squier