Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered Professional FAQs About Membership & Involvement

Do I have to join IACP before or after joining KCCL?

We ask members to join IACP within 7 days after joining KCCL. KCCL is a “Whole Group” under IACP meaning all our members are also members of IACP. This assures our members have the training to offer the highest standard of Collaborative practice. As a member of KCCL, you get a discount on your IACP membership.

If I join IACP before joining KCCL, how do I get the discounted membership?

You can join KCCL and promise to join IACP within 7 days. When you sign up for IACP indicate that you are a member of KCCL. You are expected to follow through on your pledge and join IACP.

Do I have to have all 15 hours of advanced training completed before joining KCCL?

The training is aggregate. It is intended to assure that members are prepared to assist clients through the process in a responsive, productive and respectful way.

What qualifies for the additional 15 hours?

There are no set guidelines. Generally, training in advanced Collaborative Law skills, communication skills or advanced mediation skills will qualify. Much of the training at conferences such as the IACP Forum, the Collaborative Professionals of Washington Annual Conference or the annual ADR Conference will qualify. Check our Requirements page for more options. Use the Contact Us form on this website, contact the KCCL Board or the KCCL Membership Committee if you have questions about what qualifies.

Can I put “Certified in Collaborative Law” on my marketing materials?

There is no certification board or credential for Collaborative Law practice. IACP has developed minimum standards which KCCL members have met but as yet, there is no review of individual member qualifications. Washington’s Uniform Collaborative Law Act does not establish specific requirements for the practice. Joining KCCL means you have pledged to follow our standards to hold yourself out as a Collaborative Law Practitioner. Collaborative Practice has foundational principals of openness, honesty and transparency which apply to practitioners as well as clients. When you become a member, you are welcome to include the KCCL logo in your marketing materials. IACP also allows the use of its logo to members.

How do I join a KCCL Committee?

You can become involved in our committees as a Friend or Member of KCCL. Check the Committees menu where each of our Committees has a description and an email link for more information. Once you become a member, you will also have access to the Committee Forums in the Member’s sign in area.

What is a Practice Group?

These are voluntary groups of Collaborative Law Practitioners who meet regularly to build community and discuss topics of interest to Collaborative Practice. Some offer continuing education credits for professionals. KCCL has a Family Law Practice Group that meets monthly, check the calendar for more information. Involvement in a Practice Group is a great way to get known in the Collaborative community and to learn more about the challenges and rewards of Collaborative Practice.

How can I get more information about Collaborative Law Professional Practice Groups?

Some practice groups are open and some are closed to new members. There are open practice groups operating in this area, check the Collaborative Organizations page for links to their websites. Most open practice group meetings are included on our calendar.