Friends of KCCL

What is a Friend of KCCL? Connecting Collaborative Professionals

Friends of KCCL are students, professionals, and supporters of Collaborative Practice who wish to join in the Collaborative conversation and connect with the KCCL membership. If you are not yet trained and are working on the membership requirements, we invite you to join as a “Friend of KCCL” to connect with the Collaborative Practice community. 

As a Friend of KCCL you are invited to attend practice group meetings, KCCL social and training events, and join KCCL committees. You will connect with Collaborative Professionals and others interested in Collaborative Practice and can work to build your Collaborative Practice.

Students & Interested Professionals

We understand it takes time to complete the requirements for membership. The Friend of KCCL membership is available to professionals for twelve months after completion of necessary training while acquiring the other requirements for membership. Once you have been trained and have had an opportunity to get more involved in Collaborative practice, we hope you will join for the additional benefits of full membership.

Supporters of Collaborative Practice

The Friend of KCCL membership is also available to those who support Collaborative Practice, though may not be in a field traditionally identified as a Collaborative Professional. This might include real estate agents, investment advisors, mortgage brokers, mediators, etc.

Becoming a Friend of KCCL For $25 per year

Join KCCL as a Friend using our easy online application process.


  • Connect

    Attend practice group meetings, KCCL trainings and social events, and join committees.

  • Network

    Join a Professional Practice Group. Friends of KCCL engage with KCCL members and other Friends of KCCL to learn and promote Collaborative Practice.

  • News

    Email notices of KCCL events, meetings, trainings, and opportunities of interest to the Collaborative community.

Frequently Asked Questions About Friends of KCCL

Is this type of KCCL membership right for you? Check out these frequently asked questions.

What happens when I complete all my training?

Once you have completed the training and other requirements for KCCL membership, simply re-apply. You will be asked to confirm that you have fulfilled the membership requirements. If you have any questions, contact the Membership Committee for assistance.

When I become a KCCL Member, will I get a refund of my Friend of KCCL fee?

Your Friend of KCCL fee provides you with the benefits for up to one year. It is not refunded or pro-rated if you become a member prior to the end of your Friend of KCCL membership year.

What are the benefits of a full KCCL Membership?

KCCL Members receive substantial benefits with their membership.

  • Members are listed in the KCCL Professional Directory. A listing in the directory shows that you have met the International Academy of Collaborative
  • Professionals high standards for practicing Collaborative Professionals and are committed to continuing training. The directory is accessible to the general public when researching Collaborative Law and searching for professionals.
  • KCCL members participate in KCCL elections, chair committees, and serve as directors and officers in addition to connecting with other non-Collaborative professionals in trainings and marketing endeavors.
  • KCCL members have first access to special trainings and events offered through KCCL and other Collaborative Practice Groups.
  • KCCL members may identify themselves as “Members of KCCL,” and use the KCCL logo in their marketing materials.
  • KCCL members receive or have access to Collaborative marketing materials, and the KCCL form bank.
  • KCCL members receive a discount on IACP membership.
I’ve completed all the requirements for membership, may I continue to sign up as Friend of KCCL of I don’t want the benefits of full membership?

Friends of KCCL is a status for those who don’t yet meet the membership requirements or for those who are in professions not traditionally associated with Collaborative Team roles who want to connect with the Collaborative Practice community. A trained professional may remain a Friend of KCCL for twelve months after completion of training to acquire the other requirements for full membership.