Coaches. Collaborative Law coaches are licensed mental health professionals whose purpose and goal is to help the separating/divorcing couple develop the necessary strengths and skills to reach agreement within the Collaborative Law process. The Coach works in a highly coordinated way with other members of the Collaborative Law Team. Unlike a marriage counselor, the Coach works with the couple to assist in a smooth and efficient Collaborative Divorce experience. Some of the tasks of coaches include assisting individuals navigate the difficult emotional terrain of divorce — uncoupling, facilitating dialogue – advanced communication skill-building for collaborating and problem-solving needed at the negotiation table, clarifying what’s most important – underlying interests and needs, and visioning a successful future.

There are two coaching models. In the one-coach model a single coach works with both parties. In the two-coach model, a separate coach works with each party. In either case, the coach will work closely and transparently with the other professional team members to help ensure that the process is effective, focused and productive.

All Collaborative coaches who are members of King County Collaborative Law must meet minimum training requirements.

Dr. Phil Brown, Marriage & Family Therapist
Beacon Couple & Family Therapy, LLC
The Pioneer Bldg., 600 First Ave.
Suite 516
Seattle, WA 98104

Dr. Brown is a 'Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist' with over 25 years experience counseling children, couples, and families.

Credentials: LMFT, Ph.D., AAMFT Clinical Member & Approved Supervisor

Collaborative Role(s): Coach, Child SpecialistMediator

Allyson Henry Allyson Henry
1620 Broadway
Suite 203
Seattle, WA 98122
206-257-4192, fax

A licensed and highly skilled therapist who offers attached based parental therapy. I also do parent coaching to ensure a coherent parenting plan is implemented to ensure safety, consistency and structure for your children. I also work directly with children to discover and resolve issues. I offer a warm and caring environment during your difficult time.

Credentials: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Experienced Washington state Parent Child Interaction Coach, Certified Washington State Mediator

Collaborative Role(s): Coach, Child Specialist, Career Counselor, MediatorTherapist

Anne R. Lucas Anne R. Lucas, MA LMHC, Coach
The Evergreen Clinic
13128 Totem Lake Blvd
Suite 206
Kirkland, WA 98032
425-823-1231, fax

Anne Lucas has over 19 years in private practice working with couples. As a coach, she helps to identify problem patterns and areas that might get in the way as the couple navigates the complex and painful transitions through the emotional, legal and financial aspects of divorce. This is also where a couple begins to dismantle their marriage while planting seeds for healthier post-divorce relationships in new family configurations.

Credentials: Masters Degree from Bastyr University in Systems Counseling. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, WA State; Approved Supervisor in WA State; Adjunct Faculty Saybrook University in Kirkland, WA; A Founding Member of the Seattle Collaborative Law Training Group; Past President of King County Collaborative Law - 2011-2012

Collaborative Role(s): Coach, MediatorTherapist

Anne K Perry Anne K Perry, Coach
Integral Business Coach
4505 44th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
206-932-0332, fax

I am a development coach, specializing in communication, conflict, transition, awareness

Credentials: Doctorate of Educational Leadership; LMHC-WA; Member of The American Association of Pastoral Counsel

Collaborative Role(s): Coach

Joseph Shaub Joseph Shaub, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
10940 NE 33rd Place
Suite 109
Bellevue, WA 98004

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1991, Joe works with couples who are struggling to find safety and peace in their relationship. As a collaborative coach, he supports each individual as they fashion a new relationship with their former partner. This passage is often daunting, but with the support of a compassionate and experienced coach and collaborative team wonders due ensue. Joe's coaching is informed by the work of U.W.'s John Gottman and the adult attachment work which forms the basis of Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Credentials: J.D., University of Southern California (1974); M.A. (Marriage and Family Therapy), California Family Study Center (1991); Collaborative Law Basic Trainer (2004-2006); 30-Hour Collaborative Interest-Based Negotiation Trainer (2010); Instructor in Family Systems and Ethics, Anioch University (1996-1999); Adjunct Instructor, U.W. Law School, Interviewing and Counseling (2002-2011)

Collaborative Role(s): CoachMediator

Jeff D. Shushan Jeff D. Shushan, MA, LMHC, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Marriage & Family Therapist, Mediation
Legacy Counseling, Coaching & Training
1818 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA

How you approach your Divorce, may help you create a 'Legacy', that still matters. Jeff brings over 30 years of experience working with relationships and personal growth, to Collaborative Divorce Coaching. He specializes in helping couples resolve conflict in the context of co-creating a vision for a positive and transformed future. You can feel empowered with support as you navigate your way through a respectful Divorce and Family Planning process.

Credentials: MA, LMHC, Couples/Family Therapy & Mediation

Collaborative Role(s): Coach