Children and Divorce: What to expect

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Kristin LittleBy Kristin Little

Kristin Little Counseling

Divorce changes the lives of children in their daily schedules and their family relationships. It is important to remember that healthy divorces can actually produce benefits in that children can develop important strengths and coping skills. They can learn adversity and sad feelings are not permanent, develop confidence in themselves and in their family to handle challenges and create flexibility in their concepts of love, family and commitment. However all children will most likely experience some adjustments to changes and children, just like adults will experience some level of grief and sadness. Learning to distinguish between normal adjustment and serious difficulties can be challenging but doing so allows parents to intervene with appropriate strategies that help their children cope.  The following is a list of common, temporary reactions and indications of more significant longer-term issues that may indicate a need for special or therapeutic support:

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Cascadia Collaborative Divorce Launches Re-Designed Website

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Cascadia Collaborative Divorce, a Collaborative practice group centered in North Seattle, has re-designed their website, which just went live last week.  Andrew May did the major work of interfacing with the designer, adding content, tweaking the look, and bringing it all together.  Please have a look!

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3 Questions for Your Divorce Lawyer

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Joanna RothBy Joanna Roth

Joanna T. Roth, Attorney at Law

Meeting with a lawyer for the first time can be daunting.  It doesn’t matter how skilled or how savvy you are–you have never gone through this divorce before.  Finding a lawyer who is a good fit is key to a successful resolution.

Here are three questions to spark a conversation with a lawyer in the first meeting, to help you distinguish whether a given lawyer will be appropriate for you:

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Seattle Times Article on Divorce Without Drama

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We were very excited to see an article appear in the Seattle Times over the weekend entitled Couples can divorce without drama: Beyond the hurt, anger and fear. KCCL members Kristin Little, Mark Weiss, Cynthia First, and Karen Quirk are featured.

The article focuses on “the good divorce”, a term they used for processes like Collaboration and mediation.  It specifically discusses one particular Collaborative case that took place several years ago in Seattle.

As Kristin said in the article, “I make my relationship work with Stefan because I feel it is the right thing to do and it helps me to create a better story for myself than the ‘victim,’ and a better future for my family rather than tragedy. It just feels good and empowering to me, and I’m doing it not just for us, but mostly for myself.”

When Friends and Family Divorce

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Kevin Scudder

By Kevin Scudder

Law Offices of Kevin Scudder

I have been collaborating for over five years.  I am well-versed in talking to clients about their divorces, the different processes available to them, the impact their divorce can have on them and their children, and making recommendations for them based on what comes out of our conversation.

Recently I have had these discussions with a different group of people: my friends and family.

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What is Collaborative Divorce

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Darcia Tudor

By Darcia Tudor

Eastside Mediation & Mental Health

When clients come in for a free consultation about  divorce, legal separation, or paternity, they all want to know the same thing. What process is best for me?  Collaborative Divorce is new.  It began in the 90’s, and just recently became recognized by the Washington State Legislature.  The Collaborative Divorce is premised upon the belief that a divorcing couple has the ability to collaborate and determine what is fair with the help of a professional team.

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Back Into the Fray

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Mike FancherBy Mike Fancher

Of Seattle Divorce Services

One of our local Collaborative attorneys (and regular posters), Kevin Scudder, recently wrote a very interesting piece called My Apologies for the IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals) blog.

In his article, Kevin recounts a recent experience where he broke his own vow to do no more litigation.  As these things do, a case came along that suckered him in.  He liked the client, he needed the money, and he thought he could work cooperatively with the other attorney.  Also as these things sometimes do, it didn’t work out as planned.

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Children, Divorce, and Infidelity: A Recipe for Conflict or Collaboration

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Darcia TudorBy Darcia Tudor

Eastside Mediation & Mental Health

I sat with the weeping pre-teen who swore she would never speak to her father again. I bore witness to her painful discovery that her father, the man she had idolized, had been unfaithful to her mother. This child, soon to be an adolescent, had prematurely discovered her father’s humanity. She could not reconcile her “perfect father” with the man whose girlfriend in Louisiana was sending him nude photographs of herself. The child’s grief was palpable, because in a single moment she had lost her ability to trust her perceptions and judgments of both her past and her future. She had believed her parents were happy and that her father was faithful and committed to their family. Most importantly, she had believed that they would always be a family, and she had felt certain of her future. She had lost her hero, her past, and her future in a moment of revelation: Her father was in love with another woman, and things would never be the same.

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Uniform Collaborative Law Act: Next Steps

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Loretta Story

By Loretta Story
President, King County Collaborative Law

Now that the Governor has signed the Uniform Collaborative Law Act into law we have a number of new opportunities. Read more

Uniform Collaborative Law Act: We Did It!

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J. Mark Weiss

By J. Mark Weiss
Chair, KCCL Legislative Committee

It’s official! This morning at 11:10 a.m., Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, making Washington the seventh state to enact the UCLA. Washington’s version of the UCLA applies to all civil actions, including family law. The new law becomes effective on July 28.

This fantastic result was due to the work of many, including Rep. Jamie Pedersen, the UCLA’s highly supportive prime sponsor. Read more

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