Why Collaborative Professionals Join KCCL


Collaborative work is different from traditional legal, mental health, or financial work because you are working as part of a team. Skill building in the Collaborative Process and working with a team is a strong part of KCCL values. We will support your efforts to excel in your Collaborative practice.

Members of KCCL have many opportunities for learning and networking with other Collaborative professionals at a variety of experience levels. You will get to know members of the Collaborative community and they will get to know you when you attend Family Law Practice Group meetings and participate in committee work.

Collaborative practice is largely referral based. Because we work on teams, one of source of business is client referrals from other Collaborative professionals. Your participation allows other professionals to know you and builds confidence in referrals. Many Collaborative professionals direct clients to the KCCL Professional Directory for referrals because a listing gives certain assurances. KCCL membership identifies you as a trained Collaborative professional who meets the IACP standards for a Collaborative practitioner and confirms your commitment to ongoing training and learning. It shows that you are serious about your Collaborative practice, and that you are an active participant in the Collaborative community.

Being a member of KCCL signals to potential clients and other professionals that you have the training and commitment necessary to do high quality Collaborative work.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are $150.00 per year. If you are also a member of the King County Bar Association’s Collaborative Law Section, you receive a $20 discount on dues. You do not need to be an attorney to join the KCBA Collaborative Law Section.

Benefits of Full Membership in KCCL

  • Membership in KCCL announces your commitment to Collaborative Law Practice
  • You are listed in our searchable online directory of Collaborative Professionals
  • You get a discount on your IACP membership
  • Gain access to KCCL Members’ only content for marketing and practice help
  • Receive discount rates for continuing education programs sponsored by KCCL
  • Use the King County Collaborative Law logo in your marketing materials
  • Vote in KCCL elections, chair committees and serve as a Board member or officer
  • Receive members only communications and attend members only events
  • Network with other Collaborative Law professionals