Be a Friend of KCCL

Become a Friend of KCCL! This is a way for you to connect with the Collaborative Practice community.  Friends of KCCL are students, professionals, and supporters of Collaborative Practice.

Read enough already? Become a Friend of KCCL now.

Students and Interested Professionals

Interested in Collaborative Practice, but haven’t taken the training to meet our membership requirements yet? Or maybe you’re not yet sure you want to make the financial and time commitment to get fully trained? Then becoming a Friend of KCCL is just the thing for you.

What can you do as a Friend of KCCL? Get connected with Collaborative Professionals and others interested in Collaborative Practice. Attend practice group meetings, KCCL social and training events. Access the KCCL website’s Member Area. Join a committee and start working to build your Collaborative Practice. Be a Friend of KCCL and you can start right away.

We understand that sometimes it can take several months to get all your training completed. But you don’t have to wait until then to get involved!  Maybe you’re interested in Collaborative Practice, but would like to know more about it before taking the leap into full membership. Become a Friend of KCCL and start meeting Collaborative Practitioners and start learning right now.

Supporters of Collaborative Practice

Are you a supporter of Collaborative Practice, aren’t in a field where you’d be a Collaborative Professional yourself, yet want to connect with the KCCL community? Being a Friend of KCCL is the thing for you.

As a Friend of KCCL you can engage with KCCL members and other Friends of KCCL to learn and promote Collaborative Practice. Access the KCCL website’s Member Area. Attend practice group meetings, KCCL social events and trainings. You don’t need to be a Collaborative Law professional to help Collaborative Practice grow. Become a Friend of KCCL.

Benefits for Friends of KCCL:

  • Connect. Attend practice group meetings, KCCL trainings and social events, and join committees.
  • Learn. Access to the KCCL website’s exclusive Members’ Area, with resources, materials and the KCCL Members’ Blog.
  • Network. Join KCCL groups in business social media sites like and
  • News. Email notices of KCCL events, meetings, trainings, and  opportunities of interest to the KCCL community.
  • Get Known. Listed on the Friends of KCCL page in the website’s Members’ Area, so KCCL members and other Friends can find you.

How to Become a Friend of KCCL

Become a Friend of KCCL for $25 per year. As part of the on-line application process, you will pay for your first year’s fee. Contact us to become a Friend of KCCL now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I complete all my training?

Once you’ve completed your training and are eligible for membership in KCCL, simply re-apply, this time for membership. Be sure to apply using a new and different username. Fill-out the application showing how you’ve completed the membership requirements. If you have any questions, contact the Membership Committee and they’ll help you.

When I complete the training requirements, can I become a member by just paying the membership dues? I see that option on my login screen.

Sorry, no. You won’t be able to pay membership dues while you are a Friend of KCCL. We do need you to re-apply  for full membership when you’ve completed your training so we can review your application for membership.

When I become a KCCL Member, will I get a refund of my Friend of KCCL fee?

Your Friend of KCCL fee provides you with the benefits for up to a year. It won’t be refunded or pro-rated when you become a member. We are a volunteer-run organization, and if we were to put the systems in place to manage refunds, we’d have to raise the fee to pay for that. We worked hard to keep the Friend of KCCL fee low so it is economical for students and new professionals to connect with the Collaborative Law community.

What are the benefits of KCCL Membership over being  a Friend of KCCL?

KCCL Members have substantial benefits that come with their membership. First and foremost is the listing in the KCCL website’s Professional Directory, which is a marketing benefit that delivers far beyond the price of your membership! KCCL members also may participate in KCCL elections, chair committees, and serve as directors and officers. KCCL members may also have access to certain special trainings and events. KCCL members may identify themselves as “Members of KCCL,” may use the KCCL logo in their marketing materials, and receive a discount on their IACP membership.

I’ve completed all the required training to be a member – may I be a Friend of KCCL instead?

No. Being a Friend of KCCL is not designed to be a limited membership in KCCL. It is designed to be a way for those who don’t meet our membership requirements to be connected and supportive of the Collaborative Practice community. If you have met the requirements to be a member of KCCL, we want you to become a member and have the full benefits of your membership.

Want more information about being a Friend of KCCL or about KCCL membership?

Please contact Sara Wahl, Membership Chair, 253-520-5000,

Ready to apply? Bcome a Friend of KCCL Now.