A Community of Collaborative Professionals


King County Collaborative Law is a non-profit membership organization of Collaborative Law Practitioners in King County, WA as well as surrounding counties.

It serves Collaborative Practitioners who have training beyond the basics and are committed to continuing education and growth in the practice of Collaborative Law. Attorneys, Financial professionals, Coaches, Child Specialists, and other allied professionals join KCCL for community, connection and support in building their Collaborative practices and skills.

KCCL is also an organization dedicated to educating the general public about the methods and value of the Collaborative Law approach for resolving conflict. Our website and member directory are valuable resources for those seeking to learn more about Collaborative Practice or hire a trained Collaborative Practitioner.


  • Our Members are Trained.
    All members of KCCL have met the training standards set for Collaborative Practitioners by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. This includes interest-based mediation training and additional training in the specifics of working with Collaborative teams. Interest-based dispute resolution supports people to work together toward agreements that reflect the needs and goals of each client. Interest based dispute resolution differs significantly from the evaluative style of mediation and requires a unique skill set. KCCL members are committed to using and growing those skills.
  • Our Members are up to Date.
    All members of KCCL are required to meet professional standards of continued training in their fields. Every Attorney, Coach/Counselor, Financial neutral, and Child Specialist is required to keep their credentials current and meet additional yearly training requirements specific to the Collaborative Law approach. Our professionals attend state, national, and international conferences to learn the best practices and skills for effectively practicing Collaborative Law.
  • Our Members Adhere to a Set of Shared Practice Standards.
    Our members adhere to a set of shared practice standards. Members of KCCL are expected to know and to comply with the King County Collaborative Law Minimum Standards. [with link to standards]. These standards set performance expectations for all Collaborative professional team members, ensuring that you will benefit from high-quality representation and a high-functioning professional team.
  • Our Members Are Committed to Helping You Move Forward.
    All members of KCCL are committed to helping couples and families develop resolutions with a focus on the future rather than the past. While your story is important to understanding what brought you to the Collaborative Process, it is your future needs and interests that will determine the best resolution for each of you as well as for other relationships that may be affected by your outcome.
  • Our Members are Insured.
    All KCCL professionals are required to maintain professional liability insurance.

Choose with Confidence


When you select a Collaborative Practitioner from our directory, you know you are selecting a trained professional who is dedicated to the best practices in Collaborative Law Practice. The Uniform Collaborative Law Act adopted by Washington State does not require any specific training in this unique method of dispute resolution. There is currently no uniform standard for training and skill in Collaborative Practice. KCCL has standards for the ethical practice of Collaborative Law as well as the training and continued education of its members that you can count on.