Why Hire a King County Collaborative Professional

Once you have decided to investigate the benefits of a Collaborative Divorce, you may discover that it’s harder to get good information and find a trained and experienced Collaborative Lawyer than you expected.  That’s one reason King County Collaborative Law is here.  As a non-profit professional organization, we insure that you get value from the services our members provide.

Our members are trained:  All members of KCCL are required to complete 30 hours of training in the techniques of Collaborative Divorce as well as 40 hours of training in Interest-Based Mediation.  Interest-Based mediation seeks to bring people together to reach a joint agreement that reflects the needs and goals of both parties.  This is very different from other forms of mediation and many lawyers who say they are trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution may not have this skill.

Our members are up to date:  All members of KCCL are required to meet professional standards of continued training in their fields.  Every Attorney,. Counselor, and Financial Coach is required to keep their credentials current and meet additional yearly training requirements specific to Collaborative Law.  Our professionals attend state, national, and international conferences on how to best meet our clients’ needs.  They work hard to develop the skills and techniques that will help clients realize their own goals at their own pace, in private, comfortable settings.

Our members are committed to helping you move forward:   All members of KCCL are committed to helping couples and families develop real solutions that best fit your needs and interests, in stark contrast to traditional divorce, which focuses on the past and assessing blame.

Our members are insured:  All KCCL professionals are required to be fully insured.

A real Enduring Agreement, or Lip Service?  Anyone can tell you that they do mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, but only a professional with special training and an ongoing commitment to the latest techniques of interest-based dispute resolution is permitted to join KCCL.

There is more to it than just using the label “collaborative” in legal advertising.   The Uniform Collaborative Law Act adopted by Washington State does not require any specific training in this unique  method of dispute resolution.  There is currently no uniform standard by which the public can evaluate whether they are receiving advice about Collaborative Law from someone who is actually in a position to evaluate their situation and determine if it is right for the Collaborative Process.  Any practitioner who tells you that Collaborative Law will not work for you, or will be too expensive, or too difficult, without fully evaluating your particular situation, is probably not a Collaborative Professional.  That’s why KCCL has adopted high standards of training and experience to insure that the advice you receive about Collaborative Divorce is up to date, accurate, and based on real success working with clients!