Collaborative Law: the Evolution of a Revolution, by Rachel Felbeck. A lawyer describes the emerging trend of using interdisciplinary team models in collaborative practice. Read the full article (27 KB PDF).

Collaborative Law Process: How It Works, By Marilyn Endriss.
A lawyer and mediator gives a step-by step, detailed description of how the collaborative process works. (Originally published for the 14th Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, April 2006; reprinted with permission.) Read the full article (20 K PDF).

Collaborative Law Reaches Out, by Stefani Quane and Rachel Felbeck.
Two collaborative divorce attorneys discuss the development of collaborative law in the family law arena. (Originally published in the Washington State Bar News, February 2004; reprinted with permission.) Read the full article (20 K PDF).

Collaborative Law — Solving Disputes the Friendly Way, by Diane Curtis.
Interview with a co-founder of the collaborative law method, Pauline Tesler. California Bar Journal, January 2005. Link to the full article.

Collaborative Law — The New Way, By Joseph Shaub.
A lawyer and licensed marital and family therapist discusses how collaborative law can help divorcing couples keep lines of communication open. (Originally published in the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Newsletter, Summer 2005; reprinted with permission) Read the full article (20 K PDF).

Dispute resolution tactic stresses respect, reason, by Paul Freeman.
Puget Sound Business Journal article traces the development of collaborative law in legal areas outside of family law. (Published in the Puget Sound Business Journal August 24, 2007) Link to the full article.

Life after divorce: Finding peace in Collaborative Law, This is a pod-cast of an interview with KCCL’s own Holly Hohlbein on the Contact Talk Radio program “WELLNESS ROADSHOW: SEARCHING FOR WHOLE BEING” with CATHERINE BRADFORD & MARIANNE MARLOW on 2/28/2007. Program description: “Many of believe that pain and agony seems to always be a part of nearly any divorce. That is, until now. Come join us as we learn about a new, holistic approach to undergoing this time of transition as Holly Hohlbein, of Carillon Collaborative Law explains this cutting edge model for helping keep individuals, families and their communities in the highest possible state of well being through a very difficult time.” Link to the podcast.

Have a Nice Divorce … And Keep the Family Alive, by Paul Nyhan, reporter.
A parent rarely utters the words “happy” and “divorce” in the same breath, but some Seattle lawyers are offering a new practice to break up marriages without tearing apart families. (Published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer September 5, 2006.) Link to the full article.

Resources for Lawyers

A Healing Approach to the Law, by David Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman, (chair of the Collaborative Law Committee of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and  mediation teacher at Harvard Law School) discusses the legal ethics issues implicit in the collaborative process. (Originally published in the Christian Scientist Monitor, October 9, 2007.) Link to the full article.

Ethical Considerations in Collaborative Law Practice, American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility Formal Opinion 07-447,  August 9, 2007. Link to the full opinion.

Proposed Uniform Collaborative Law Act (current draft) by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is available on the Hofstra University School of Law Website.

Using Collaborative Law in Employment Disputes, by Marilyn Endriss.
A  lawyer and mediator describes how collaborative law can be used to resolve employment disputes. (Originally published for the 13th Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, April 2005; reprinted with permission.) Read the full article (35 K PDF).


Collaborative Professionals of Washington website.

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals website.