Collaborative Law: Probate & Trust Disputes

It is not uncommon for disputes, small and large, to arise as families wrap up the affairs of lost loved one.  These disputes can prove hard for families to resolve on their own because of the grief and emotions involved.  Traditional litigation in this area can be difficult, slow, and expensive.  The expense involved can significantly deplete the assets of the estate.  It can also leave families permanently torn apart.

The Collaborative Law approach creates a constructive forum to resolve these important issues.  Collaborative Law can help families work together to resolve disputes about:

  • The validity of a will or trust
  • Interpretation of will or trust terms
  • Disputed creditor claims
  • issues about personal representative fees or costs
  • Disagreements about the distribution of sentimental items
  • Disagreements about the pace of estate settlement
  • Business or Partnership succession issues
  • Disputes about the value of assets or sale of property

Collaborative Law can provide an efficient, solution-oriented process.It’s an approach that supports everyone’s best intentions and honors the dignity of family members involved. A collaborative approach to these conflicts promotes:

  • Improved communication and a more open sharing of information
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Greater control of the process by those involved
  • Creative and long-;asting solutions to problems
  • Cost-saving by sharing experts such as financial planners
  • Preserve family harmony; reduce conflict and resentment

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