Civil Collaborative Law: Business and Contracts

Business thrives when the participants are able to resolve challenges and obstacles in a positive and efficient way.  The collaborative approach creates a constructive forum to resolve issues and it also promotes stable and dynamic business relationships.  When business and contract relationships sour, Collaborative Law can create an environment for an efficient and productive resolution to a dispute.

Business planning can also benefit from the collaborative approach.  Challenges can come up in business planning, when forming new business relationships, or when restructuring existing businesses.  These differences can be resolved by cooperation and agreement using Collaborative Law.

Collaborative Law can help you:

  • Privately settle contract and competitor disputes
  • Stay out of court
  • Prevent damage from business conflict
  • Maintain key relationships and goodwill
  • Provide for business succession
  • Effectively manage business restructuring
  • Conserve corporate resources

Collaborative Law can provide an efficient, solution oriented process to accomplish these goals.

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