Collaborative Law in Other Civil Cases

A Solution-oriented Approach to Dispute Resolution

Collaborative Practice begins with something both sides can agree on: solutions by design.  This approach can help you prevent or resolve conflicts or goals regarding:

Disputes affecting any of these areas can be financially and emotionally disruptive for everyone involved.  Litigation often adds to the problems by creating entrenched positions, damaging or severing relationships and imposing ineffective, expensive and unresponsive solutions.

Our dispute resolution approach is an intentional process that values:

  • Planning to prevent disputes
  • A commitment to resolve their dispute outside the court system
  • A process intentionally geared toward settlement from the outset
  • An open, honest, yet confidential exchange of information by the parties
  • An approach focused on the parties’ interests
  • Interest based conflict coaching

Solve Your Conflict Collaboratively

Individuals choosing the Collaborative Law process have the opportunity to:

  • Use a problem-solving approach
  • Protect confidentiality and avoid publicity
  • Reduce financial, time, and emotional costs
  • Avoid going to court
  • Preserve key relationships
  • Encourage mutual respect
  • Provide open communication
  • Identify and address all parties’ interests and concerns

For more information about your collaborative options contact a Probate/Elder Law or other Civil Collaborative Practice professional, email the Civil Practice Chair, David Strickland ( or for more information visit the Civil Collaborative Practice page of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  Please take advantage of our Resources.