Client Testimonials

A great way to understand Collaborative Law is to hear from people who have used it. See what they are saying about their experience:

“[My ex] and I were speaking the other day and thought it would be a very nice idea to let you all know how things are going with us since our divorce. I’m sure in your work that you deal with a high level of emotional upheaval and anxiety and don’t often get feedback of how your work has significantly effected the lives of your clients in positive ways.

“We just wanted you to know that our relationship is really so much better than we ever expected. To see where we were when this process started, it is amazing that we are able to not only work collaboratively with parenting but also seem to have a healthy and supportive friendship. All of our friends and those who interact with [our son] have commented on how settled we seem to be and how lovely it is to see our family – even though changed – remain solid.

“We know that challenges will test us, but we are building confidence that we can handle changes in ways that will retain our commitment to each other. We all thank you so much and hope that it heartens you to hear that your work with us is appreciated daily.”