About Collaboration

Collaborative Law is more than just legal help when you need it – it’s about teamwork

It’s about experts that are available to partner with you to deal with all aspects of your situation.

Each of you has your own attorney to represent just you, but you won’t spend all your resources hiring lawyers to fight against each other in court. Instead, together you will build the interdisciplinary team you need. You and the professionals you choose will work jointly on communication challenges, parenting decisions, gathering information, and financial planning.


CollaborationCollaborative Practice is a no-court alternative to destructive litigation. It’s a problem-solving replacement for an adversarial trial. Collaborative Divorce is a child-centered approach to marriage dissolution. You create the future you want for your post-divorce family and for your children. Yet not just for divorce – it’s a way to get legal advice to address other civil disputes, too.



TeamworkIn Collaborative Law you partner with your chosen professionals – lawyers, financial experts and communication specialists – to deal with all aspects of your situation. You build the interdisciplinary team you need to work efficiently on communication, gathering information, parenting planning, and financial decision-making. Find a Professional now.



RespectWhen approached with empathy and compassion dispute resolution can be constructive – even creative. In our experience people reach their best solution when they understand what’s most important to each other.