Believing In The Collaborative Process

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Kevin ScudderBy Kevin Scudder

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People who choose the Collaborative Process for their divorce or legal separation come in all shapes and sizes, from different economic circumstances, from different cultures and nationalities, and with different life experiences.

Even with these differences all these people have one thing in common:
A belief that through the Collaborative Process the result of their divorce or legal separation is going to be better than it would be in any other process they could choose. It is this belief that is the guiding force of the process, not the law, not the lawyers or other professionals on the Collaborative Team. When the belief is strong the process runs more smoothly. When the belief is diluted, the process can be like walking in deep mud, something akin to a slog.

Simply believing in the process, however, is not enough. The process of divorcing, separating households and finances, and coming up with a parenting plan for the children is hard work. If you do not believe in it the process will be harder to get through. Belief in the process will make it easier to address the tough issues that will happen in the process because the goal of achieving that better personal result remains in focus.

Trust the Collaborative Process. It will be a benefit to you and your family.



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