Amicable Divorce

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Mike FancherBy Mike Fancher

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Are you looking for an amicable divorce? Collaboration is a good process for helping you achieve an amicable divorce, but no matter how good your team is, success still goes back to what you and your spouse bring to the table.  One factor that makes a huge difference is attitude.

Amicable is what happens when both parties look out for each other.  When each party is only interested in looking out for his or her own best interests and does not care how things work out for the other, conflict is almost inevitable.  It is very difficult to stay amicable when the two parties have different goals, because the goals themselves are in conflict.

On the other hand, when the parties can come together with a similar goal of creating solutions that work for both, then they can work side by side to achieve that goal.  If each party feels like the other person has their back, then there can be trust, and trust if very important to any kind of amicable process.


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