The Value of Using a Neutral Financial Professional

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By Sandy Voit

Tangible Solutions

Collaborative Divorce offers a team of professionals who can help you create a successful path. One of the team members, a neutral financial professional, can help both of you to achieve a fair and equitable financial settlement. We have successfully completed training in the financial issues of divorce.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts/Planners have experience with income and expense analysis, stock options, pensions and profit sharing, health benefits and insurance and tax issues. We are bound by a code of ethics and must maintain significant continuing education credits. We have well-rounded knowledge in financial planning concepts, and mediation training – all of which enable us to provide you with a structure and a process to facilitate resolving you financial settlement. There are no dueling professionals, only a sharing of information with a common desire to achieve a solution that can be agreed upon by all parties.

Here is an article on the value of using a neutral financial professional.



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