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Mike Fancher

By Mike Fancher

Seattle Divorce Services

Some people considering a Collaborative Divorce would like to meet with a Collaborative professional along with their spouse to get more information together.  Many Collaborative lawyers prefer to meet with one spouse individually, because of our state bar ethics rules on conflicts of interest.

Therefore another possibility is to have an initial meeting with a Collaborative Divorce Coach to get more information.  Coaches do not have the same professional issues about meeting with both parties that attorneys have.  Coaches come from family counseling backgrounds and are very used to working with both members of a couple.  You find find more information about Collaborative Coaches on our website, as well as the names of our members who do that work.

If after the meeting with the Coach you both feel like you would like to proceed collaboratively, the Coach should be able to help you make contact with Collaborative lawyers to get the process moving forward.  If you talk to a lawyer first, but feel a joint meeting with a Coach would be a good next step, ask the lawyer to refer you to a Coach they work with regularly on Collaborative teams.




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