A Better Way to Solve Conflict Effectively. Efficiently. Collaboratively.

What is Collaborative Law? A Creative & Supportive Approach

The Collaborative Law Process is a way of helping people resolve disputes by working together respectfully to find their own interest-based, equitable resolutions.

  • An Innovative Approach to Divorce

    You’ll develop your best path with the support and advocacy from the professionals you need so your entire transition is as smooth, clear and drama-free as possible.

  • Choices That Move Families Forward

    As you work in this process, you’ll consider the choices you and your spouse create. The best solution for you and your post-divorce family will reduce future conflict and support each member to thrive.

  • Achieving Resolution & Support

    We do not promise a conflict free divorce but the Collaborative approach will effectively and supportively manage conflict. This non-adversarial process supports a long term resolution where each client moves forward with the support they want, need and deserve.

Upcoming Events & Trainings For Professional Development & Networking

KCCL offers many excellent training opportunities to help you expand and hone your Collaborative Law skills. 

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The Psychological Divorce

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Collaborative Team Professionals Helping You Reach a Resolution, Together

Collaborative divorce is creative and supportive approach that considers the needs and interests of both spouses in a marriage dissolution or legal separation. Using the Collaborative Law process, you will create, determine and choose your best settlement with the assistance of professionals who support your goal of a self-determined outcome.

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