Comparing Collaborative and Litigation: The Client’s Perspective

Comparing Collaborative and Litigation: The Client’s Perspective By Bruce Pruitt-Hamm At Pruitt-Hamm Law & Mediation Services I was reviewing with Sam (fictional) the 3 main options for resolving the disputes involved in his divorce case: litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce. Sam responded directly: “I want to know: 1) how long will it take; 2) how much will it cost; [more]

The Co-Parenting Handbook

The Co-Parenting Handbook KCCL members Karen Bonnell and Kristin Little recently released a new book, The Co-Parents Handbook.  They remind us that when parents divorce, they may no longer be husband and wife, but they will be mom and dad forever. In their book, Kristin and Karen provide a road map for moving [more]

Believing In The Collaborative Process

Believing In The Collaborative ProcessBy Kevin Scudder Law Offices of Kevin Scudder People who choose the Collaborative Process for their divorce or legal separation come in all shapes and sizes, from different economic circumstances, from different cultures and nationalities, and with different life experiences. Even with these differences all these people have one thing in common: A belief [more]

Healthy Communication Practices for Separating & Separated Parents

Healthy Communication Practices for Separating & Separated ParentsBy Stephen Gaddis at Gaddis Mediation It is strongly recommended that parents review and observe the following practices for facilitating healthy, respectful, effective communication during their separation/divorce process and thereafter: 1. Primary Means of Communication. The primary means of communication between the parents on parenting issues should be via e-mail, US mail or [more]

Collaborative Divorce on CNBC

CNBC recently published an article on their website about Collaborative Divorce - "Collaborative divorce can ease emotional, economic stress" by Deborah Nason.  It cites several Collaborative professionals, including Ross Evans, President of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). The article included several interesting research findings, including that 58% of Collaborative [more]

Amicable Divorce

Amicable DivorceBy Mike Fancher Seattle Divorce Services Are you looking for an amicable divorce? Collaboration is a good process for helping you achieve an amicable divorce, but no matter how good your team is, success still goes back to what you and your spouse bring to the table.  One factor that makes a [more]

Brochure on Collaborative Practice - click corner to turn page

Brochure on Collaborative Practice – click corner to turn page

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Collaborative Practice is a no-court alternative to destructive litigation. It’s a problem-solving replacement for an adversarial trial. Collaborative Divorce is a child-centered approach to marriage dissolution. You create the future you want for your post-divorce family and for your children. Yet not just for divorce – it’s a way to get legal advice to address other civil disputes, too.

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