The Value of Using a Neutral Financial Professional

The Value of Using a Neutral Financial Professional By Sandy Voit Tangible Solutions Collaborative Divorce offers a team of professionals who can help you create a successful path. One of the team members, a neutral financial professional, can help both of you to achieve a fair and equitable financial settlement. We have successfully completed training in the financial issues of [more]

Second Saturday Program

Second Saturday Program By Laura Sutkus Sutkus Law Firm Do you want to know more about collaborative law, the different processes used to handle a divorce, and the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce? Second Saturday, which is held the second Saturday of each month, is being held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 9 [more]

Talk to a Divorce Coach

Talk to a Divorce Coach By Mike Fancher Seattle Divorce Services Some people considering a Collaborative Divorce would like to meet with a Collaborative professional along with their spouse to get more information together.  Many Collaborative lawyers prefer to meet with one spouse individually, because of our state bar ethics rules on conflicts of interest. Therefore another possibility [more]

Children and Divorce: What to expect

Children and Divorce: What to expectBy Kristin Little Kristin Little Counseling Divorce changes the lives of children in their daily schedules and their family relationships. It is important to remember that healthy divorces can actually produce benefits in that children can develop important strengths and coping skills. They can learn adversity and sad feelings are not permanent, [more]

Cascadia Collaborative Divorce Launches Re-Designed Website

Cascadia Collaborative Divorce, a Collaborative practice group centered in North Seattle, has re-designed their website, which just went live last week.  Andrew May did the major work of interfacing with the designer, adding content, tweaking the look, and bringing it all together.  Please have a look! Many of KCCL's members belong [more]

3 Questions for Your Divorce Lawyer

3 Questions for Your Divorce LawyerBy Joanna Roth Joanna T. Roth, Attorney at Law Meeting with a lawyer for the first time can be daunting.  It doesn’t matter how skilled or how savvy you are--you have never gone through this divorce before.  Finding a lawyer who is a good fit is key to a successful resolution. Here are [more]

Brochure on Collaborative Practice - click corner to turn page

Brochure on Collaborative Practice – click corner to turn page

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Collaborative Practice is a no-court alternative to destructive litigation. It’s a problem-solving replacement for an adversarial trial. Collaborative Divorce is a child-centered approach to marriage dissolution. You create the future you want for your post-divorce family and for your children. Yet not just for divorce – it’s a way to get legal advice to address other civil disputes, too.

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